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Express Yourself: The Custom Engagement Ring Trend

As consumers, we have this burning desire to customize our cars, clothes, and computers.  We want to have the newest, the best and the most unique.  And it seems you can now

3D Printed Jewelry Will Blow Your Mind

3D printing? 3D printed jewelry?! When I first heard the concept, I thought that it was new, amazing and unbelievable technology.  I kept thinking, “they can’t print an object –printing is only

Your Mad Men-Style Jewelry Guide: the Perfect Jewelry to Accompany your Classic Vintage Style

If you love AMC’s Mad Men, chances are, you are attracted to vintage inspired looks. Whether you are aware of it or not, television often influences our personal style choices.  We see

Celebrity Pets With More Jewelry Than You

Some pets are lucky enough to be loved by an owner who looks after their every need.  Celebrity pets, on the other hand, sit on the lap of luxury –with no expense

9 Most Famous Jewelry-Loving Celebrities

Stars of Hollywood have the cash to spend and the occasions to attend so its no surprise that these nine ladies love to sport some serious bling.  This list of celebrity jewelry

The Oscars Red Carpet: Best Colored Diamond Jewelry Moments

The 2014 Academy Awards are upon us and boy are we excited to see the diamond jewelry that will be sparkling on the actresses we adore!  Fancy colored diamonds have been gracing

New York Fashion Week 2014 Report: Day 8: J. Mendel

The show must go on! That must have been the motto for the final day of New York Fashion Week 2014, since the city was being pounded by blizzard conditions and yet

New York Fashion Week 2014 Report: Day 7: Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is not known for her subtle aesthetic and her Fall 2014 collection is no exception. Full of color, texture and personality, this year’s runway was definitely funky.  In particular, I

New York Fashion Week 2014 Report: Day 6: Badgley Mischka

All that glitters is gold during New York Fashion Week at the Badgley Mischka show yesterday featuring their Fall 2014 collection.  Bronzed fabrics and sparkling sequins gave the line a feeling of

The Surprising New Trend Among Today’s Women

Today’s Women Don’t Need Men To Sparkle. Women are known for expressing their personalities through their sense of style and 2014 is no different.  Young, single women with disposable income have brought