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4 Creative Ways To Give A Gift This Christmas

Gift giving is fun for couples…as long as the gift is good!  We have already given you some insight for picking great jewelry and we’re sure you’ve read a thousand lists of perfect

Brilliant Ideas For A Super Cheap Wedding

A wedding is a ceremony to join two people lives in love and commitment. So why spend a fortune on one day when you have to afford the rest of your lives

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings: Perfect for Your Holiday Proposal?

Yellow Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Blue Diamonds – Oh my!   The holiday season is the perfect time to pop the question.  Full of love and warmth, family gatherings, and time away from

New Trend in Engagements: Dividing the Cost of The Engagement Ring

Going Dutch On The Engagement Ring — Would You Do It? By Simone Hill Jen Huang Photography Forget about the three-month salary rule or the secret savings account. They don’t apply to the

Great Advice… If You Want to Stay Single!

Gotta love Internet memes and the insidious way they embed their subliminal messages into your subconscious. If you’re a bachelor and you’re looking to settle down and eventually pop the question to some special lady, you

Your Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

How to Buy an Engagement Ring – The Definitive Guide   By Mary James   Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring   There is no one-size fits all design for the perfect

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Two (or three) months’ salary is no small sum to drop on an engagement ring, despite conventional wisdom and societal pressure, most notably at the hands of post-World War II De Beers

What Do Your Bridesmaids Deserve?

Every bride has been a bridesmaid at some point.  So why do so many seem to forget what it was like?  Whether you treated your bridesmaids better than they treated you or

News Anchor Reads Her Own Proposal on Air

Usually when clips of local news shows make their way to Youtube, it’s for a funny gaffe or amateur mistake.  But every now and again, the live recording of a local news

8 Pieces of Advice from Some of Hollywood’s Longest Married Couples

You just got married—congratulations!  Now that the distraction of wedding planning is behind you, it’s time to settle into real life.  With a partner to share everything life throws at you, you’re