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Which Victoria Beckham Ring Are You?

  It seems like Victoria Beckham changes her engagement ring like she changes her hair style.  We can be surprised by a new one at any moment. By our count, she has

What Joan Rivers Quote Are You?

  We loved her because she was funny, a little inappropriate, and full of spunk! Remember her hilarious antics and discover which Joan Rivers quote suits your personality best!  

Is It Time to Tie the Knot? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

You’ve been in a relationship with your partner for some time now and have been witnessing many of your good friends getting hitched. Are you secretly wondering is it time to tie

Pink Diamond or Morganite? Test Your Knowledge!

Pink diamonds and morganite may seem physically similar but that’s where their similarities end. Think you know the difference between pink diamonds and morganite? Test your knowledge with our quiz and see

Name That Celebrity Engagement Ring

When the rich and famous get engaged, some of us itch to see the new bling!  We search the web for the first paparazzi pics, and check social media for the big

Which Love Song Is Your Relationship?

  Love has inspired great music since music was first played and we all indulge in a sweet song now and again.  We dance to them at weddings, we sing them in

What is Your Ideal Anniversary Gift?

Are you celebrating an upcoming anniversary with your significant other but still have no idea what your ideal gift should be? You can start dropping hints to the love of your life

Are You A Champagne Diamond or Chocolate Diamond?

Here at Diamond Envy, we love champagne and we LOVE chocolate.  We also love them in the form of colored diamonds! A champagne diamond is typically a yellow diamond with a hint

The Colored Diamond Debate Continues

  Do you love the femininity of Pink? The vibrancy of Yellow? Or the richness of Champagne? Cast your vote for your favorite colored diamond and let’s see which is the most

Test Your Eye for Colored Diamonds

If you visit our blog, you probably have some basic knowledge of colored diamonds. Maybe you are even an expert collector with a discerning eye for beauty. Test your skills with this