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Why We Can’t Get Enough of Morganite

Morganite and Pink Diamond Ring

Morganite is all over the internet. You haven’t noticed?… Have you been living under a rock? (See what I did there?)  With the popularity of wedding boards on Pinterest and lists of the best engagement ring photos from major fashion magazines, we have been exposed to hundreds of gorgeous photos featuring morganite engagement rings.  And we’re not complaining. But why is this gem so popular? We have a few theories.  One of them includes the gorgeous engagement ring that Blake Lively is lucky enough to wear.  Although it is a large, pale pink diamond and not a morganite, since its debut, women have gone mad for gems with feminine pink tones.  Other than that, it seems pretty obvious!



 Crazy About Morganite



This morganite engagement ring got 230 repins!


The biggest reason we love morganite? It’s color!  The pink gemstone is available in shades ranging from magenta to rose to peach and there is a hue for every girly girl out there.  The light pastel shades are extremely popular today. Although it is more rare, morganite can show strong color, often in larger sized stones.  A member of the beryl family, morganite also features excellent clarity.  Inclusions are uncommon and any that are present are not often visible to the eye.  Since these beauties are so clear, they make a great gem to be cut in designer shapes. And who does’t want a special stone for their next jewelry purchase?



Colors of Morganite


Compared to other rare gems, morganite can be an affordable option for an engagement ring or other piece of fine jewelry.  An 8x8mm morganite set in a 14K rose gold ring can be found for under a $1,000!  Since diamonds and other gems often have imperfections or inclusions, finding one that is flawless or “eye clean” (meaning you cannot see the imperfections with the naked eye) is more rare and more costly. We just learned that morganite has great clarity, naturally, so it is not a factor that drives price.  This means that your budget gets you more! Just think…that could mean a bigger rock and/or upgrades like 18K gold or platinum settings, fancy accents like diamond side stones or a custom design.


We’ve definitely fallen in love with morganite and who can blame us?  It’s stunning and affordable. Case closed.


Are you in love? Let us know in the comments and view our new morganite and pink diamond rings!

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