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How to Buy a Pair of Diamond Earrings for Someone Else

Yellow Diamond Earrings

Shopping for the perfect gift can sometimes be a daunting task.  Gifts aren’t just nice material objects, but an expression of our feelings and connection to one another. It’s human nature to want to present the recipient with something that will surprise and delight them.  So if jewelry is appropriate for the occasion and the relationship, diamond earrings are an excellent choice.


Three Things to Consider When Shopping for Diamond Earrings:


  • Set a Budget

  • Select a Style

  • Choose a Metal


Budget – Setting a budget is important for gift giving in general, but when it comes to diamonds and jewelry, it is extremely wise to plan out your spending.  Price can vary drastically based on the diamonds, the style of the earrings and metal type so make sure you start your journey with a budget in mind.


Style – Diamond earrings come in many sizes, shapes and designs.  This is where your budget will come in handy.  A simple pair of stud earrings range in price based on style and are great for every day wear. For the lower price range, you might want to consider a pair of cluster style diamond studs.  If you can spend a bit more, then diamond solitaire earrings are a classic option.  Drop earrings are ideal for a more elegant affair and diamond hoops can be beautiful for someone who likes a bolder look.

stud style diamond earrings

Metal – Your budget will again help you determine the best metal for your diamond earrings.  Sterling silver is a bright white metal that is very pretty and affordable.  Without consistent wear, silver can tarnish so there may be some required upkeep.  Gold is generally more expensive but is resistant to rust, tarnish, and corrosion.  Gold is also very versatile because it comes in colors such as yellow, white and rose.  To help budget your funds, look into 14k versus 18k gold.  The “k” refers to karats, or purity of the gold.  Almost all metals used in fine jewelry are alloyed, and gold is no exception.  Depending on the final color desired, pure gold is mixed with other metals of certain percentages. This means that 14k gold has less pure gold than 18k (and the price will be reflective of this.)  Platinum is the most expensive of these metal types, but it is the most durable, making it the perfect option for setting valuable diamonds.  Platinum’s natural white sheen doesn’t fade or change color so maintenance is quite simple, requiring just warm soapy water.

diamond hoop earrings

Platinum Diamond Hoops


Still need more help? For more inspiration, check out our collection of natural fancy diamond earrings.  At Diamond Envy, we provide one-of-a-kind jewelry featuring the best conflict-free and natural diamonds in all stunning colors.  Shopping is easy and hassle-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, 60 day returns and free shipping!


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