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Brilliant Ideas For A Super Cheap Wedding

A wedding is a ceremony to join two people lives in love and commitment. So why spend a fortune on one day when you have to afford the rest of your lives together?  If you aren’t working with an unlimited budget, you may want to save a few bucks when it comes to planning a wedding.  Maybe you want to go the most inexpensive route and spend as little as possible.  Lucky for you, we have some incredible tips that will save you tons of cash for your ceremony and reception and let you focus on the important part: your marriage.

Bride and Groom



Great Ideas for Super Cheap Wedding


There are a  few general ideas that will start your planning off on the right foot if you want to keep a tight budget.  1) Keep the guest list short –if you only plan to share your big day with the closest family and friends, you will save big overall. 2) Keep the location close to home –travel can add a lot to your cost since there will be transportation and lodging involved, not just for the actual wedding day but for all your planning as well. 3) DIY –do it yourself projects may take a little more time but it will save big bucks compared to playing someone to do everything for you.


Location – Perhaps you have a family property that is a pretty setting for a ceremony and/or reception with great scenery, lovely architecture, or a fabulous skyline. Remember lending your friend your favorite shoes that are now ruined?  Maybe she is willing to offer up her lake house for a night to make it up to you (and because she adores you of course.) Just make sure that you have a group of volunteers that are prepared for clean-up duty the next day because it would be poor taste to leave everything a mess.

Invitations –Find a cheap online site that will print your invites in bulk, such as Vistaprint starting at $35 for 50 (who knew?!) or who offers prices as low at $0.89 each. If you are feeling creative, make them yourself by printing on stock cards from a craft store.

Bride Look – For most women, finding the perfect gown is not only a dream come true, but one of the most important factors for her wedding day. If you are on a budget, search for a used version of your favorite gown on or  If you don’t like the idea of second-hand or can’t locate the right size, try your luck at a sample sale.  Many designers or high-end boutiques offer huge discounts one day or more a year where you can snag a super money-saving deal on your dress and often shoes, veils and belts too- saving you thousands!

Groom Look –If he has a nice fitting suit in his wardrobe, have it cleaned and make it look fresh with a color theme friendly shirt, vest or tie. If he doesn’t have something that is wedding worthy –rent!

Décor –Since you opted out on inviting your entire sorority, you should have a smaller number of tables to set.  Try finding cool vases and linens at thrift stores or yard sales in your area.  Depending on your theme, the items just have to go together nicely, not match perfectly.  A garden party for instance could look amazing with lace patterned table cloths and glass accessories in shades of your chosen color.  If you take the time to scope out the discount scene in your area, you could find your collection for just a few dollars. Check out Pinterest for inspiration before you go shopping and you will see the potential in recycled items.


Wedding Table Centerpiece


Flowers –buying floral arrangements and bouquets can be very costly.  See if there is a wholesaler near you and create your own centerpieces the night before with your bridesmaids.  It’s a fun time to gossip and reminisce plus you will see a substantial savings. Usually discounters only stock what is available to them each day so make nice and ask management if they have any idea what will be coming in fresh so you can plan the best options for your color scheme.  If you don’t want to risk leaving the flowers to last minute, try out a trend and make your own paper flowers.

Food –Are you having a reception that will take place during normal dinner time? Then you must feed the attendees.  Pay a family member to cater with their famous crab cakes and bruschetta or strike a deal with a restaurant you frequent.  If you plan to have a bar, buy liquor at a discount location and keep options to a minimum.  Two beers, a light and a lager, two wines, a red and a white plus a champagne toast can cut it.

Cake –Know a talented baker? Ask him or her to bake the cake or other small treats as their gift to you or pay a small sum you mutually agree on. Paying to have it done professionally can cost you hundreds and isn’t it sweeter if the dessert is homemade?

Homemade Wedding Cake


Photography –Research the best option you want to budget for because, let’s face it, the memories are important and so are the photos you will keep.  Some brave couples skip the professional photographer altogether and let family snap the important stuff while guests use disposable cameras to capture the candids.

Music – You don’t need a pricey band or DJ to help you dance the night away.  Create a playlist on your smartphone and hook it up to a rented sound system as an almost free alternative. Make sure you include romantic love songs, a few classic party songs and dance tunes to ensure your guests have a great time.


Use some or all of these tips to keep cost down and go on you dream honeymoon or save for a down payment instead! And best wishes from Diamond Envy!

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