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These Black Diamond Engagement Rings Will Make You Rethink Your Ring

pear shaped black diamond engagement ring

If you haven’t already jumped on the colored diamond bandwagon, these 4 black diamond engagement rings may just help you take the leap.  Their color is mysterious, their origin is mystical and their beauty is magnificent. Celebrities have embraced the black diamond trend and one could argue that they aren’t a fad, but a fashion statement that is here to stay. After all, the little black dress is a standard in style and these black beauties are the newest e-ring classic.


To learn more about the incredible history, origin and value of natural black diamonds, read our expert guide.


Black Diamond Engagement Rings


black diamond engagement ring

Traditional Emerald Cut Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring for a mix of new and old.


black diamond engagement rings

Round Cut Natural Black Diamond Engagement Ring with a unique twisted band.


These two styles feature natural black diamonds from our collection in setting examples we offer with our custom ring design program. The first is a timeless and elegant option while the second a more distinct flair. If you’d like to build your own black diamond engagement ring with us, our friendly design team is standing by.


rose cut natural black diamond engagement ring

This pear shaped rose cut black diamond ring is full of whimsy.


Rose cutting is a great way to get more sparkle out of a black diamond. Since they are opaque stones, they don’t have the same fire as other diamonds. A rose cut diamond essentially has facets on the top so light can reflect off the high polished surfaces.


rough black diamond engagement ring with diamond halo

This platinum and natural rough black diamond ring from Diamond In The Rough is priced at $3,500 including the center stone.


A rough diamond is a fun way to embrace the natural beauty of a black diamond. It has an organic shape and a unique luster.  However, to get the sparkle of a traditional engagement ring, we suggest adding a diamond halo or side stones.


So…which one is your favorite? Would you dare to stand out from the rest and wear a black diamond engagement ring? Tell us in the comments!


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