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The Best Jewelry Push Presents For Every New Mom

jewelry push presents

The rise of the push present trend has left some partners scrambling for the perfect gift. It seems that the majority of these tokens take the form of jewelry because it is romantic, valuable, meaningful and well received. If you want to show your appreciation via a piece of jewelry, have no fear- the bling experts are here!


Colorful gems are the perfect option for jewelry push presents. Each month has a birthstone you can incorporate or you can use the sex of the baby to determine the color scheme.


Do you want to give her a gift she can wear every day? Opt for diamonds or harder gems. If you like opal or pearls as a push present, just remember that these require a bit more care and therefore, may not be worn frequently.


Jewelry Push Presents


Blue Diamonds

The color blue is associated with strength and trust –two very important factors in your new life as a family. A natural blue diamond is also great choice for celebrating the birth of a son since it’s the go-to color for baby boys and the hue looks great on all skin tones. Blue diamonds in particular are exceptionally rare so they make a wonderful selection for a gift that honors such an important event. Since this color diamond is so rare, it’s difficult to find a matching pair. Consider a single stone set in a pendant or as a right hand ring and enjoy the remarkable jewel that is sure to become an heirloom.


0.14 Carat Pear Shape Fancy Intense Blue Diamond

This 0.14 Carat Pear Shape Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Would Make An Incredible Pendant Push Present


Pink Diamonds

The color pink denotes love and respect- two more emotions that are necessary to a strong family unit. Natural pink diamonds are ideal for sharing your affection and admiration and commemorating a new daughter. The color is feminine, uplifting and easily complements other jewelry pieces. While pink diamonds are also rare, they are more easily matched, so a pair of earrings or a bracelet might be just the right gift for you.


marquise shaped pink diamond earrings

Pretty Pink Diamond Studs Are An Excellent Option



Diamonds in Any Color

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! All kidding aside, if she loves diamonds, they make a great push present. And if the baby is born in April, they’re downright perfect. (April’s birthstone is diamond.) Go with a colorless diamond piece if you want a more traditional gift or spoil her with a more unique push present and select a diamond in her favorite color.



Green symbolizes positivity, safety and growth – all things you want to share with your new family. Emerald is the birthstone for May and a great choice for babies born in the spring or summer seasons. Natural emerald is a softer stone so consult with a jeweler when designing a piece or buying something pre-made. You’ll want to understand how she will wear the item so the emerald can be properly set to protect it from damage.


7.15 Carat Natural Emerald and Diamond Bracelet in 18K White Gold

7.15 Carat Natural Emerald and Diamond Bracelet in 18K White Gold To Celebrate A May Baby


Unsure about the suggestions above? Does she have a favorite stone? Use that! She will undoubtedly treasure the gift if you listen to her wants and wishes. Plus, you can always personalize it in some way. Engravings are a nice touch. (You can add initials, dates, a quote –anything that is significant to you.)


Still not sure what to get? Let our stylists help you design a unique push present that she’ll love!

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