Name: Christina

Expertise: Grading fancy color diamonds

Favorite Diamond Color: Purple


I have been working for the parent company of Diamond Envy since 2004. It’s exciting working with and looking at fancy color diamonds especially when we dealt with colorless diamonds for the longest time – I’ve found that it’s particularly true of colored diamonds that no two are exactly alike. I’m happy to share my love of writing and color diamonds with the world via the blog!


Name: Emily

Expertise: Fashion, Style, All things weddings!

Favorite Diamond Color: Green, Purple, Grey-
I can’t pick just one!


I studied fashion in college and upon graduation entered the bridal industry.  I worked for the largest bridal salon in the world for almost 3 years helping brides find their dream wedding gown.  I made the transition to Diamond Envy so I could use my design expertise to assist those looking for the perfect engagement ring.  I love interacting with our fans on social media and blogging about jewelry!