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Style Files: The Hottest Trends of Summer 2014

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner and in honor of the big event, I’m rounding up this summer’s hottest trends.  The weather was pretty cooperative here in NYC and

3 Celebrity Diamonds We Just Couldn’t Ignore

  We seen a ton of celebrity photos on a daily basis.  From Lady Gaga’s crazy outfits to the hottest new couple, we’re pretty much swimming in a pool of  celeb selfies,

Which Love Song Is Your Relationship?

  Love has inspired great music since music was first played and we all indulge in a sweet song now and again.  We dance to them at weddings, we sing them in

Trending: Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to colored diamonds, it is all about personal preference.  Colored diamonds come in endless hues and many women know exactly what they want.  An engagement ring is a hefty

White, Rose or Yellow Gold: The Expert’s Guide

When we talk about jewelry, we repeatedly emphasize looking for what you really love.  If it appeals to you, then you will wear it and enjoy it! While I strongly believe that

7 Animal Inspired Jewelry Designs That Will Make You Ask, “WTF?!”

  Animals inspire us in many forms.  Their colors, prints, and textures are used in all areas of fashion, from footwear to furniture.  But when it comes to accessorizing, these animal inspired

What You Don’t Know About Emeralds Will Amaze You

Incredible Facts About Emeralds Emeralds Are A Part of The Beryl Family  Beryl is a mineral species that includes jewels like Aquamarine and Morganite with a 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale of

Are You A Champagne Diamond or Chocolate Diamond?

Here at Diamond Envy, we love champagne and we LOVE chocolate.  We also love them in the form of colored diamonds! A champagne diamond is typically a yellow diamond with a hint

The Woman’s Guide To Proposing

Not into conforming to tradition? No problem. If you want to ask your boyfriend to marry you, then who has the right to stop you.  Just make sure you are fully prepared

The Colored Diamond Debate Continues

  Do you love the femininity of Pink? The vibrancy of Yellow? Or the richness of Champagne? Cast your vote for your favorite colored diamond and let’s see which is the most