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9.75 Carat Vivid Blue Diamond to Hit Sotheby’s Auction Block on November 20

A 9.75 carat VVS2, possibly Internally Flawless, pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Blue diamond will serve as the highlight of a Sotheby’s New York auction scheduled for November 20. The remarkable diamond, along with

These Color Changing Jewels Will Blow Your Mind

Jewels are cherished for their color and, where applicable, luster and rarity. They are commonly used for jewelry as bodily adornment. What is not readily associated with jewels is the effortless ability

Is It Time to Tie the Knot? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

You’ve been in a relationship with your partner for some time now and have been witnessing many of your good friends getting hitched. Are you secretly wondering is it time to tie

4 Reasons This Blue Diamond Will Be The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See All Day

Blue diamonds occupy the upper echelons of fancy colored diamonds, as the recent headline-making 12-carat cushion cut “Blue Moon” Fancy Vivid Blue diamond demonstrates. They are rare and impressive. Their color is

Pink Diamond or Morganite? Test Your Knowledge!

Pink diamonds and morganite may seem physically similar but that’s where their similarities end. Think you know the difference between pink diamonds and morganite? Test your knowledge with our quiz and see

2014 MTV VMAs Jewelry Roundup

The 31st MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) featured one powerhouse woman after another. Receiving the admiring stares of many were the likes of Beyoncé, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. There was no

How to Get Back a Runaway Bride

You spent thousands on the engagement ring, the wedding bands, the wedding dress, the caterer, the florist, the photographer, the deejay and the reception hall. When The Big Day finally arrived, there

What is Your Ideal Anniversary Gift?

Are you celebrating an upcoming anniversary with your significant other but still have no idea what your ideal gift should be? You can start dropping hints to the love of your life

5 Pieces of Jewelry to Take On Your Summer Vacation (and What to Leave Behind)

I wrote the following post, “5 Pieces of Jewelry to Take On Your Summer Vacation,” for our dear readers on the cusp of summer last year. I’m bringing back the recommendations below

A Diamond Color Grading Machine Has Become A Reality

Do you repeatedly encounter conflict over the exact color a given diamond ought to be graded? The frustration may very well end soon. The company ImaGem has produced a diamond color grading