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Diamond encrusted WHAT?!

Diamonds tend to be synonymous with luxury and wealth, and the seven videos below provide a shocking testament of that association. Watching these videos separately and collectively will indeed make you ask

The 10 Richest Diamond Mines In The World (According To 24/7 Wall St.)

24/7 Wall St. has uncovered the 10 richest diamond mines in the world. Even though the international diamond mining community remains tight-lipped on its operations, we do know who the world’s largest

5 Marriage Proposals To Die For

In an about-face from the previous topic of “Marriage proposal fails,” we are absolutely delighted to present you with the following marriage proposal gems. All of the videos below are marriage proposals

The 5 Most Infamous Diamond Heists

Jewelry heists seem to have a timeless connection with Hollywood thrillers. The association is understandable with the complexity, planning and execution – the makings of an edge-of-your-seat blockbuster – that is typically

6 Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong!

There’s probably nothing more devastating to a man than when his woman gives him the good old heave-ho after he asks her the ultimate question: will you marry me? Perhaps some wise

Buyer (or, rather, SELLER) beware! Would you do business with places like these?

One sector of the jewelry industry turns the tables on its customers where the customers do the selling and the sellers do the buying – and that’s the “gold exchange.” However, as

5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Love Song Serenades

In a continuation of last week’s theme (celebrating Valentine’s Day), this week we explore a truly unique and gifted and/or amusing way in which we can express the depth and breadth of

3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (and 1 How-To Video)

With the holiday season now in full bloom, that can mean only one thing: a new year is right around the corner and Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it.

The 6 Sexiest Diamond Commercials

It’s not a well-kept advertising secret that sex sells better than nearly everything else. A survey conducted by MediaAnalyzer Software & Research in 2005 found that even though men (and women) exhibited

4 Funny Diamond Commercials

Nothing elicits a universal reaction of appreciation quite like a funny, smartly orchestrated and well-timed commercial. That’s no less true when it comes to selling diamonds and jewelry. Below are some of