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Largest diamond in Australian history found February 2012; estimated value of $10 million

Last month, a whopping 12.76 carat pink diamond was mined in Western Australia – setting a record for the country. Early forecasts predict a selling price of $10.6 million or thereabouts. The

Diamonds on Television News

When you hear the word ‘diamond,’ you probably would not automatically associate it with the word ‘investment.’ However, investing in diamonds is a new trend that auction houses like Christie’s and big-name

The World’s First All-Diamond Ring Is Now A Reality

Switzerland-based Shawish Jewelry has created the world’s first all-diamond ring. It weighs 150 carats and will sell for $70 million. Photo Source: Switzerland-based jewelry company Shawish Jewelry recently created an unprecedented

What Do I Do If I Absolutely Hate My Engagement Ring?

So he popped the big question and you happily said yes. Now you’ve both finally got that monkey off your backs. Or do you? Do you secretly detest your ring? Does the

4 Romantic Gestures from Man to Woman

Nothing makes a woman love her boyfriend or husband more than when he goes the extra mile – and beyond – to surprise her with a romantic gesture from the heart. Be

5 Beautiful Brides

The biggest day of a woman’s life (if she is so inclined, that is) is arguably her wedding day. This is her chance to shine, to be the blushing bride that everyone

6 Hit Songs About Diamonds

Practically everything is fair game when it comes to writing songs and conveying the depths of the musician’s emotions and thoughts. In songs, diamonds are either to be taken literally (i.e., the

5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

If you’re newly engaged and in need of ideas for your ultimate honeymoon destination, the videos below will transport you to some of the most alluring places on earth in a heartbeat

6 Unusual Proposals

Forget the typical candlelit dinner at a favorite restaurant or boring get-together with a small circle of your closest family and friends – when it comes to popping the big question and

Most Infamous Diamonds and Gems

Notorious diamonds may simply be a case of sheer superstition – or there could actually be some truth to it. These so-called ‘bad luck’ or ‘cursed’ diamonds all have a reputation that