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3 Tricks to Help You Survive This Valentine’s Weekend

If you are reading this, I’m going to assume that you are sitting.  If you happen to be walking and reading this on your phone or glancing at this while you wait

Incredible Blue Diamond Rough Uncovered at Cullinan Mine

It’s not often that a giant diamond rough is discovered.  It’s even less often that a giant blue diamond rough is discovered.     Alan Bronstein is the curator and owner of

5 Simple Secrets of Happily Married Couples

Lots of people will scare you by saying marriage is hard work.  It’s not, or at least, it shouldn’t be.  If it’s hard work, that’s probably because you or your partner is

3 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Minimize Wedding Planning Stress

Wow, congratulations on your engagement!  I bet you can’t wait jump in and start planning the Big Day! You will start out with the big decisions—venues! dates! photographers! colors! bands! florists!—and then Announces 15 Minute Express Deliveries by Drone to New York City

Diamond Envy announces 15 minute deliveries anywhere within New York City by 2015.  The New York based natural colored diamond website will be using unmanned aerial vehicles to pull off this feat. 

What Color Looks Good with Pink Diamonds?

Color is a funny thing; it only exists as a result of the interaction between wavelengths of light and light receptors.  Aristotle wrote that “when light falls upon another color, then, as

Five Lucky Shoppers Will Get a Free Sony PlayStation 4 This Black Friday

  Free PlayStation 4 To Be Given Away On Black Friday   This Black Friday, Diamond Envy will be giving away a free PlayStation 4 to five lucky customers as well as slashing prices

5 Deadly Mistakes Men Make When Proposing

You’ve met the woman of your dreams and you’re ready to level up.  You got the ring and it’s burning a hole in your pocket.  Take a deep breath and slow down. 

Is There a Difference Between Brown, Champagne, and Chocolate Diamonds?

It’s easy to get lost when you’re shopping for a brown diamond.  With trade terms like champagne diamonds, chocolate diamonds, and even cognac diamonds, you have to wonder—are we all talking about

Is The Hope Diamond Cursed?

The Hope Diamond is notorious for being cursed.  All those who own or wear it will meet with misfortune and tragedy.  But how true is the curse?   The Hope Diamond Curse