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Attention Jewelry Lovers: Make Sure You’re Following These Instagram Accounts

diamond envy instagram

You love diamonds. You love gems. You love jewelry. Then you NEED to follow these Instagram accounts! They’re full of amazing designer jewels, vintage finds and real-life shots from the collections of people just like you.  These Instagrammers are sure to bring you a smile and probably a lot of #diamondenvy (…see what I did there?)


5 Instagram Accounts For Jewelry Lovers



jewelry lovers instagram

Jeanita is known for sharing the best of the best in gems and jewelry from all across Instagram. She occasionally shares her own sparklies as well and uses hilarious and risque hashtags like #jewelleryporn.



the jewellery editor instagram

The Jewellery Editor is a site dedicated to high-end ,designer jewellery (or jewelry -whichever you prefer) and watches. Their Instagram page features magazine quality photos of the baubles from the current articles and events on their site.



engagement rings instagram

Ring Blings is a wonderful Instagram account to follow for all of those who love, well, rings! There is an exceptional mix of real-life engagement ring shots with touching announcements of marriage proposals and re-posted shots of designer ring styles. It is ideal for finding other accounts to follow and anyone who needs engagement ring inspiration.



designer jewelry instagram

Champagne Gem only shares high-quality images of luxury designer jewels.  There are often weekly themes and plenty of posts per day to keep you drooling.  You’ll find some of the most unique jewelry pieces featured on this amazing page.



jewelry blog instagram
Also a blogger, Julie Wilson shares her encounters with vintage and designer goodies via her stunning Instagram account.  She likes to highlight up-and-coming designers in the jewelry, watch and fashion worlds as well as the stores that sell them.


New to Instagram? That’s okay. You only need an email account to sign up and you don’t even have to post your own photos – just enjoy what others share. And if you haven’t seen our account yet, you’re missing out! Follow us for behind the scenes looks and amazing jewelry shots.

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  1. LuvGypsy says:

    Great collections! We love them all!