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Ask the Expert: Why Don’t I Ever See Round Cut Fancy Color Diamonds?


Dear Diamond Expert,


When I look at classic colorless diamonds, most of them are round. I like the round shape, but I can’t seem to find any round cut fancy color diamonds like pink or yellow. Why is this and what are the most common cuts for fancy colors?

-Elaine S. via e-mail






 Round Cut Fancy Color Diamonds


0.72 carat Round Brilliant Cut Fancy Intense Blue Diamond

The round shape is highly unusual when it comes to fancy color diamonds, making this 0.72 carat round brilliant cut Natural Fancy Intense Blue diamond exceptionally rare and hard to find.


Dear Elaine S.,


You make an excellent point and ask a thought-provoking question. Colorless diamonds and fancy color diamonds each have their own dominant shapes. The shape itself serves a certain purpose. You are undoubtedly correct in pointing out that colorless diamonds tend to favor the round shape, and with good reason: rounds are best at optimizing brilliance, not color, which is why it works so well with colorless diamonds. Simply put, the round shape draws out the maximum amount of brilliance at the expense of color by reflecting white light.


On the other hand, fancy shapes, such as the radiant, cushion, oval and pear, tend to absorb white light and are thus the most common shapes for fancy color diamonds because they accentuate color. Similar to the round shape, emerald and princess cuts are much less common in fancy color diamonds as they are not particularly conducive to maximizing color. The most common fancy shapes used for fancy color diamonds also assist in masking clarity flaws due to their faceting.


In those rare instances when a fancy color diamond is made into a round shape, you can expect that its color intensity will be one of the following three: vivid, deep or dark. Diamonds of these color intensities are already so color-saturated that when cut into a round shape, the diamonds will not lose additional color. Diamonds of weaker color intensities would not fare well if they were created as rounds since the round shape emphasizes the brilliance of a diamond. Not surprisingly, therefore, because round fancy color diamonds are so few and far between, they can command high prices, especially for fancy colors that are in great demand, such as pinks and blues.


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One Response to Ask the Expert: Why Don’t I Ever See Round Cut Fancy Color Diamonds?

  1. Kelly says:

    I always wondered why it’s so hard to find round color diamonds! Thanks for the clarification.