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7 Animal Inspired Jewelry Designs That Will Make You Ask, “WTF?!”



Animals inspire us in many forms.  Their colors, prints, and textures are used in all areas of fashion, from footwear to furniture.  But when it comes to accessorizing, these animal inspired jewelry pieces just don’t make the cut.


If you’re interested in seeing what actually DOES inspire our designers, check out our Design Inspiration board on Pinterest!


 Unique Animal Inspired Jewelry Designs





Although I am not particularly afraid of snakes, this still gives me the willies.  It’s large and quite lifelike.  The rhinestone work is pretty impressive, but where would you wear such a dramatic piece of jewelry….and why?


skull necklace

A bit morbid, this necklace features a real bird skull on a 24 inch chain.  On a good note, if you prefer bones over gemstones, you can rest assured that these birds were not killed simply to make jewelry.  The skulls were collected from well-known furriers, taxidermists and medical research suppliers.



Made of bronze and 3D printed, this hamster cage necklace is a little too much for me. Luckily, it was a part of a project meant to bring attention to animal cruelty in the fashion world and not really meant to be worn in public.


tiger necklace

Big cats have inspired jewelry designers for a very long time and shoppers generally respond well to the trend.  This time though, the aesthetic is all wrong. It looks like it should have been tossed by the QC department.  One tiger head is enough.




In nature, owls are fascinating, majestic creates.  In fashion, they can be made to look a tad more cute and friendly.  Unfortunately, this bangle misses the mark altogether.  I don’t think it’s wise to wear an owl-inspired bracelet that looks sad and soulless.



Again with the emotions…Doesn’t anyone inspect the mold before the pieces are cast?  These sloth earrings look angry and rabid instead of sweet and docile.  Although, I guess if I saw someone with tiny evil critters hanging from their ears, I’d at least have a decent story to tell.

panther ring


As I mentioned before, some safari inspired jewelry pieces can be chic and fun.  If you love animal print, you probably have at least one piece you adore.  But this ring is a high end mess- a designer gold and peridot panther head with just one flaw.  You put your finger through its mouth.  I don’t want my jewelry to look like it’s eating me for lunch!


Would you wear any of these animal inspired jewelry pieces? I’d love to hear what you think. Tell me in the comments!

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One Response to 7 Animal Inspired Jewelry Designs That Will Make You Ask, “WTF?!”

  1. Dissa says:

    The cartier panthere ring is actually a good design, it’s innovative, geometric, and chic. It is well-coordinated and was really popular in the fashion mags. Most of the rest I agree with you…