About Us

At Diamond Envy, we have been seduced by color. Rare color, the kind you find occurring naturally in an infinitely small percentage of diamonds, themselves rare objects of beauty. Led by a third-generation diamantaire and staffed by top industry professionals, we search the world for the most prized natural colored diamonds to add to our collection.


If you browse through our site, you’ll find an amazing selection of some of nature’s most magical creations: natural colored diamonds. With hues such as pinks, blues, greens, and reds, Diamond Envy is the place to get informed and excited about color diamonds, both as objects of beauty and investments with high appreciation potential.


We take pride not only in the rare and beautiful diamonds we sell, but in the high level of service we provide to each of our customers.


Our commitment is threefold:


First, the client.


We promise you will never be anything less than abundantly satisfied with our products and our service.


Second, our ethics.


We only source diamonds from those with transparent ethical procurement and manufacturing policies, from top diamond mining companies to master cutters.


Third, our collection.


We are nuts about finding the rarest of breed natural colored diamonds, and you will be as mesmerized by their depth of hues and rare natural beauty as we are.


So whether it’s an investment in value or a feast for the eyes you’re seeking, join us on our impassioned mission to share the seductive power of rare natural color diamonds.