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9 Engagement Ring Pictures Perfect For Instagram

pink diamond engagement ring

If your significant other got down on one knee and presented a ring to propose marriage, then you’re probably super pumped about your new bling. EEEEEE! And in the age of social sharing, you can post about the happy event for the world to see. The problem for most new brides-to-be…how to capture the emotion and the *sparkle* for all to admire.


Even if you only want to share the big news with your closest family and friends, these pictures can certainly serve as inspiration for your group text or email.


Fortunately, there are PLENTY of engagement ring pictures already posted to Instagram that can serve as inspiration for your very own selfie.


Just remember to look for good lighting and a safe location to shoot, especially if you are taking the ring off to capture the moment!


(If you happen to be a couple that broke tradition, we’d love to hear how your proposal went down too! Tell us in the comments.)


Instagram Inspiration – Engagement Ring Picture Ideas



Sentimental and Classic

vera wang engagement ring instagram

Photo thanks to Vera Wang Instagram

Hold hands with your loved one to express your love and get a nice shot of the ring.


engagement ring picture

Photo thanks to How He Asked

Ask someone to take a picture of you both so the ring is visible, but your overjoyed smiles are front and center or wait for the professional photos from your engagement shoot (as if you could stand to wait that long to share the good news!)



Up Close & Sparkly

engagement ring instagram picture

Photo thanks to Champagne Gem

Place your engagement ring so you can capture the location of the proposal in the background.



engagement ring in bouquet of roses

Photo thanks to How He Asked

Place the ring in a gorgeous flower arrangement to take the ring pic from basic to beautiful.


engagement ring on calendar

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Place the ring on a calendar with the date of your engagement for an extra special touch.



engagement ring instagram

Like I said…follow us!

Write a love note on a piece of paper for a timeless photo with very little effort.


Sophisticated Selfies

engagement ring selfie instagram

Photo thanks to How He Asked – Follow them too!

Snap a selfie right after the moment to show off your newly engaged glow AND the sparkler.


Photo thanks to How He Asked - Seriously, follow them.

Photo thanks to How He Asked – Seriously, follow them.

If you still have tears of joy running down your face, then showcase the ring on your perfectly manicured hands for a simple but eye-catching “ring selfie” post.



A custom yellow diamond engagement ring - see even more on our Instagram!

A custom yellow diamond engagement ring – see even more on our Instagram!

Keep it simple and snap a detailed shot of the ring in its pretty box so the bling is the main focus.


If you are still admiring all these pictures but don’t have a ring of your own yet, browse our selection of natural colored diamond engagement rings and find one you love (then drop a whole bunch of hints and maybe send your wishlist!)

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