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9 Celebrity Engagement Rings

From Mariah Carey’s emerald cut pink diamond engagement ring to Heidi Klum’s oval yellow diamond engagement ring, celebrity engagement rings can be as outsized as their owner’s personalities.  Take a look at our nine favorite fancy color engagement rings.


Celebrity Engagement Rings


JLo’s Pink, Blue, and Yellow Diamond Rainbow

No list of celebrity engagement rings can exist without mentioning the 6.1 carat pink diamond radiant that Ben Affleck gave to Jennifer Lopez back when they were known as Bennifer.  Not to be outdone by a past flame, JLo’s (now ex) husband Marc Anthony showered her with a 14 carat blue diamond ring for their first anniversary and a 30 carat yellow diamond ring for the birth of their twins.



Mariah Carey’s Pretty Pink Diamond Ring

There’s no denying that the gigantic emerald cut pink diamond at the center of Mariah Carey’s engagement ring is worthy of the Queen of Pop.  Two half-moon white diamond side stones flank the pink diamond center while 58 pave set pink diamonds surround the three stones.  In a twist on the old hiding the ring in dessert proposal trick, Nick Cannon proposed by hiding the ring in the wrapper of a ring pop!


Heidi Klum’s Gigantic Yellow Diamond

Conde Nast

The German beauty said “yes” to Seal in 2004 when he proposed with a stunning 10 carat fancy yellow diamond.  The large canary oval is held by four yellow gold prongs and sits on a band of pave set yellow diamonds.  Heidi is one entrepreneurial model with great taste!



Blake Lively’s Lovely Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Blake Lively’s engagement ring from husband Ryan Reynolds features a stunningly flawless Fancy Light Pink oval diamond.  The beautifully shaped oval is held in place by four rose gold prongs and set into a rose gold band with pave set diamonds.  This simple setting does wonders in showing off the center stone.  While its carat weight hasn’t been disclosed, it’s easy to see the large pink diamond nearly reaches her knuckle!


Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s Blue Beauty

The 12 carat Ceylon sapphire at the center of Princess Diana’s engagement ring is surrounded by 14 round brilliant diamonds.  Often cited as the most copied engagement ring of all time, this blue beauty wowed women the world over.  When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in the spring of 2011 with his mother’s ring, interest in the style was renewed.


Carrie Underwood’s Yellow Diamond Stunner

When Carrie Underwood got engaged to her hockey player husband, he gave her a flawless yellow diamond engagement ring.  At a reported 5+ carats, the round brilliant yellow diamond is surrounded by a halo of white diamonds.  For rings similar to this, please see our engagement rings section.  For a ring exactly like this, please contact one of our design specialists!


 Victoria Beckham’s Posh Yellow Diamond Upgrade


Victoria Beckham may have gotten a 3 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring back when she and David Beckham got engaged, but she recently upgraded to a gigantic cushion cut yellow diamond.  What mother of four wouldn’t like a little extra sparkle from her husband?


Rebecca Romijn’s Dangling Yellow Diamond


The breathtaking yellow oval diamond engagement ring Jerry O’Connell gave his wife Rebecca Romijn is perfect for the blond actress and model.  While it’s common for women to wear their engagement rings on a chain around their necks if their fingers are swollen from pregnancy, Rebecca Romijn took another route.  Working with Lorraine Schwartz, she resized and redesigned the whole ring!  Now the 6 carat yellow diamond dangles from a pave set diamond band, sparkling and flashing light each time she moves her finger.


Anna Kournikova’s Pink and Yellow Diamond Mystery Rings

Perhaps taking advice from his friend Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias chose an enormous Argyle pink diamond ring for his girlfriend Anna Kournikova.  The vivid pink pear is so large is covers the entire bottom of Kournikova’s finger.  Flanked by two trillion cut white diamonds, this ring needs no more embellishments to make a statement.  Kournikova has also been seen wearing a gigantic radiant cut vivid yellow diamond ring.  Which ring is an engagement ring and which ring is just for fun?  Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova keep their lips so tightly sealed when it comes to talking about their private life we may never know!


If you are inspired by the rings seen here, you’ll enjoy looking through the fancy color diamond rings on our site.  Enjoy!

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