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7 Totally Bizarre Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a token of love symbolizing a promise to show adoration, support, and loyalty.  Who says that a precious stone is the only way to make that promise?  Odd choices for engagement rings may not be favored by the majority but it certainly does not mean that they are in any way less romantic.


Bizarre Engagement Rings


The bottle cap ring below for instance can be a physical reminder of the moment you met your significant other.  It will certainly make a great conversation starter when double dating or attending a family function!



Bottle Cap Engagement Ring



Was it love at first sight from across the bar?  Commemorate the moment with a tiny bottle cap of the beer you ordered so you can tell the story every time someone takes a peek at the ring.



Bear Tooth Engagement Ring



This bear tooth engagement ring is inspired by a love story, centuries old.  The idea was sparked by the Brother’s Grimm tale of Snow White and a bear who is actually a bewitched prince.  When the spell is broken and the prince returns to human form, the two marry and live happily ever after.  For someone who believes their love is like a fairy tale, this may be the perfect ring.



Photo Projector Engagement Ring


The ring above boasts a lens that uses light to project tiny photos of the happy couple onto a blank surface. Now where on Earth do you get photos that small?


Ethernet Plug and Socket Engagement Rings



A matching set, the plug and jack rings above are fit for the tech savvy couple who fit together perfectly.



Star Wars Engagement Ring



Star Wars fanatics –look no further! The engagement ring above is a tiny replica of R2D2 featuring a round brilliant diamond center stone.  May the force be with you.



Star Trek Engagement Ring



Another one for the obsessed: this shield ring resembles the crest design from the Starfleet uniforms of the hit show, Star Trek.  A beautiful stone (white sapphire) is still featured in this design, giving it a traditional yet fun feel.




Pokemon Engagement Ring



Again in the TV enthusiast vein, this Pokemon inspired engagement ring is quite geeky but still very feminine. Gotta catch em all? Nope! Just one. You caught the perfect woman so keep her.


From fairy tale to fanatic, there is a unique engagement ring for everyone.  Do you wear an unusual piece of jewelry? Share it with us in the comments! And for a not so bizarre engagement ring, shop our collection by popular color:


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2 Responses to 7 Totally Bizarre Engagement Rings

  1. Bill says:

    Awesome rings for geeks.

  2. Sarah says:

    My boyfriend would probably propose with the Pokemon ring! I’ll have to tell him now that it is NOT an option!