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7 Tips You Must Read If You’re Thinking of Proposing this Holiday Season


The holiday season is the perfect time to propose.  We are gathered with our family and friends, we’re cheerful and our love is strengthened by the magic moments shared.  Some of the most amazing memories are made during the holidays and your perfect proposal can be one of them.  Make it special and cherish the excitement with these 7 tips, compiled from some of our best advice blogs!



7 Tips For Proposing


1.       Find a ring that suits her style

If the bride to be has funky taste, get her a unique engagement ring.  If she has preppy and simple style, opt for a more traditional ring.  She will wear it every day, so it should complement her fashion sense.


Learn more about finding the right ring in this post about one-of-a-kind engagement rings.


pink diamond engagement rings



2.       Determine your budget

Know what your financial situation is before you start looking.  This will ensure that no one pushes you to spend more than you can.


Learn more about selecting the right engagement ring.


diamond engagement ring



3.       Insure the ring BEFORE popping the question

This is a no brainer. You want to protect your investment and it’s much easier to go through the insurance process before she’s wearing the ring.


4.       Don’t hide it somewhere obvious

 If you put it in your watch box or underwear drawer, she is sure to find it.


For better and safer hiding places, read this blog post about keeping your proposal a surprise.


surprise proposal



5.       Find her ring size

There’s nothing worse than getting an awesome gift and not being able to use it.  This is the biggest moment of her life and she will want to show off her bling so do yourself a favor and start snooping.


Read this post for clever tips on how to find her ring size.


find her ring size



6.       Get some input on the design

Unless she has gone shopping with you or told you exactly what she wants, check with a close friend or family member to see if they have some intel for you.  It’s much less painful for both of you if she likes the original ring.



7.       Make the proposal special

Just because you spend a lot of time worrying about the perfect ring doesn’t mean you can slack off with planning the big moment.  Make sure it is a story you’ll be proud of when she tells everyone she knows AND all her Instagram followers.


For more advice, read this fun post about proposal mistakes to avoid.


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