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7 Essential Pieces for Your Starter Jewelry Collection

jewelry collection

You need the essentials for your fashion wardrobe to get you through all the moments in life – work, play, formal events, etc. You also need to have the right accessories. We’ll help you build your starter jewelry collection so you can be prepared for all of life’s adventures.



These suggestions are your jewelry wardrobe building blocks.  You don’t need to have them all right now, but consider starting your collection here and adding as your budget allows.  Obviously, your personal preferences and finances will dictate what style you choose and where your money is spent, but keep in mind that quality items will outlast costume jewelry. If possible, look for jewelry made with precious metals like silver and gold. It may seem like a lot to spend when you start shopping, but one $100 pair of earrings that lasts all your life is better than replicas made in base metals that hurt and turn black in a matter of weeks. Trust me on this one. I have a jewelry box FULL of the good stuff gifted to me over the years and a trash can overflowing with the junk I buy at trendy stores when I need a quick fix.


The Basics of Any Starter Jewelry Collection




Stud Earrings


Everyone with pierced ears should have a traditional stud earring of some kind. They can be worn every day if you like to keep things simple or if you have an active lifestyle. They are secure, comfortable and effortless.



A Basic Chain


Every starter jewelry collection needs a simple chain necklace.  It can be worn alone, layered or with a pendant.  Since they are so versatile and most styles are pretty sturdy, I suggest opting for 14K white or yellow gold so it will last through the years.  Sterling silver is a great option for a lower price point too.


chain necklaces



A Pretty Pendant


If you want to dress up your look, you’ll need an eye catching pendant. They are great for your formal look. Wear one to weddings, parties, holiday gatherings – the times you will wear something that has a little sparkle are endless.  So find a piece you really love and can picture wearing with almost everything you own, that way you can justify a nicer option that maybe includes gemstones or diamonds.


diamond pendant


A Statement Ring


I don’t normally suggest buying bigger items as part of a starter jewelry collection, but statement rings are the exception.  They are great for important occasions where your hands will be busy holding cocktails or greeting new people.  When shaking hands, it’s always nice to have a conversation piece right in view.  (I especially like to wear a big ring on a job interview!)

statement ring


A Strand of Pearls


Pearls are delicate and ladylike but can be paired with an edgier outfit for added interest and contrast.  They can be completely elegant worn with a dress for evening or fun and funky paired with a leather blazer and graphic tee.  If a full strand doesn’t tickle your fancy, consider a single pearl or maybe a bar of seed pearls.

pearl necklace


A Classic Bracelet


This is another open ended addition to your starter jewelry collection.  The bracelet can be a bold link like pictured below, or a thin bangle.  It could be a thick cuff or a simple chain.  As long as you have a bracelet that can be worn with the rest of your beauties, you can’t go wrong.  Plus, as you build your wardrobe, the classic bracelet will mix and match with other options you favor.

link bracelet



A Watch


Everyone needs a watch. I know we have cell phones that can basically tell us the time telepathically now, but a REAL watch is timeless (pun intended!) They can be worn on a daily basis and dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.  They look smart and polished – who doesn’t want that? Wear one alone or with your classic bracelet.  As you build your jewelry collection you can create a whole stack on your wrist and the watch should be the centerpiece.  And remember, wear your watch on your non-dominant side. If you write left handed and wear your watch there, it will get in the way and most likely get pretty beat up.






I know that I said these items are the basics you’ll need to start your jewelry wardrobe, but don’t hold me to it.  If you despise watches for some reason – skip it.  If you don’t think you’ll wear a statement ring because you don’t like the heft on your finger – forget it.  The real trick for your starter jewelry collection is to buy what you like and will wear.  Nothing is worth the investment if it will just sit in the closet (like that time I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo heels but keep them in the box so they don’t get scuffed.)



Did I miss anything? Tell me what starter pieces you suggest in the comments!


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