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6 Versions of Rihanna’s Diamonds

When we posted 6 Hit Songs About Diamonds, Rihanna’s chart topper Diamonds had yet to hit the airwaves.  It’s a shame that this great pop number didn’t make the cut.  So now we’re back with an homage to Rihanna’s Diamonds.  Please enjoy the top covers on Youtube.


Diamonds by Rihanna

“Diamonds” – Rihanna

In the original version, the video begins with some beautiful footage of diamonds, tons and tons of diamonds, spilling across the screen.  Rihanna has spoken about evoking images of the four elements, water, fire, air, and earth throughout the video–making the song more about the entire universe.  It’s done very well and the positive message of a beautiful relationship is a nice break from some of Rihanna’s more negative-love songs.

“Diamonds” – Cover by Jade Novah

11.8 million views makes this the most watched “Diamonds” cover on Youtube and it’s easy to see why.  The singer’s voice is beautiful and the video’s imagery is excellent.  A diamond’s beauty lies in its rarity, strength, and timelessness.  When you think about diamonds in a romantic setting, commitment comes to mind.  Following that line of thinking, this video tells the story of a young bride on what may be her wedding day.

“Diamonds” – Cover by The Dolly Rockers

With nothing but an acoustic guitar for accompaniment, The Dolly Rockers take on Rihanna’s hit.  Their version is softer and without the original’s edge, but it sounds nice and has already been viewed over 7 million times!

“Diamonds” – Cover by Alex Goot, Julia Sheer, and Chad Sugg

This cover is one of the poppier versions.  It’s a simple video–focusing on nothing but the singers.  They also don’t use any auto-tune and still sound great.  You can even download the song on iTunes.

“Diamonds” – Cover by Any Given Day

With just under half a million views, this metal band from Germany gives us a very different take on Rihanna’s hit.  Mentioned on the Howard Stern Show and gathering views quickly, this cover is a big departure from most of Rihanna’s covers.  If metal is your thing, you may even enjoy this more than the original.

“Diamonds” – Cover by Haven and Tay-Tay

This brother and sister duo do a great job with “Diamonds”.  While Tay-Tay sings with a pure, clear voice, Haven complements her with harmony.  He also breaks out into rap and it fits seamlessly into the song.  Great job!


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