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6 Unusual Proposals

Forget the typical candlelit dinner at a favorite restaurant or boring get-together with a small circle of your closest family and friends – when it comes to popping the big question and wanting to do it your own way, breaking the mold – and doing it in a highly unusual way – is key. If nothing else, the fiancées featured below will definitely remember the circumstances that surrounded that special day that were so painstakingly planned and executed by their fiancés to make sure nothing about it ever seemed forgettable, typical or average.


Unusual Proposals

This video is possibly the most endearing and heart-warming proposal that can possibly be done in the modern age of iPhones and everything technology-related. Here we have Chad, who has managed to lure his longtime girlfriend Vy to their favorite movie theater to catch a movie. During the previews, Chad has theater management air an iPhone “commercial” that he specially made for his girlfriend. He sings a song he wrote especially for her while the phone reveals image after image of his undying love and devotion to her. This proposal can make even the iciest heart melt quickly!

A computer genius-boyfriend comes up with a truly original way of proposing marriage to his beloved girlfriend: he hacks the game she is playing and adds in entirely new elements and scenes to the game that is unique to their relationship. This game ends in surefire victory.

A man slips a ring onto his girlfriend’s finger while they’re strapped down in an amusement park ride called The Sling Shot. Shortly before they’re both whipped vertically high into the air, he takes her by surprise when he proposes. At first she doesn’t know what to make of it, but eventually comes around and they both are offered and accept a free ride by The Sling Shot operator.

A woman sees a ring on a computer screen that turns out to be the one presented to her by her boyfriend during a tour of a microscope lab. In collusion with the lab staff, her boyfriend has arranged the details of the proposal in advance, namely to stick the ring under a microscope for close-up examination. The woman is so surprised – and smitten – that she says she never wants to leave the lab!

A couple skydives together, a dream that the girlfriend has always wanted to fulfill. At the end of their skydive, her boyfriend proposes to her, making two dreams come true in the very same day and within moments of each other.

A hockey player gives his girlfriend a good scare when he does a (fake) full body plant on the ice, only to get back up to propose. Needless to say, he is perfectly OK and she answers him with a kiss and a yes.

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