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6 Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong!

There’s probably nothing more devastating to a man than when his woman gives him the good old heave-ho after he asks her the ultimate question: will you marry me? Perhaps some wise advice to pass along to those planning on proposing is, above all, make it an intimate, private affair. This way, even if she gives you an emphatic and unmistakable “No!,” at least you can both manage to hang on to (some of) your dignity while mourning what was not meant to be in private.


Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong


This video shows a mid-court basketball game proposal. The announcer wishes for once that the woman would just say no, noting that she is being put under undue pressure and, sure enough, he gets his wish. The rejected prospective groom has to be consoled by the team mascot while basketball star Tracy McGrady can’t help but laugh at the poor guy’s misfortune.

A simple yes isn’t always such a surefire bet as this next video reveals. On live television, a man asks his girlfriend of several months to marry him only to be given a verbal slap in the face when she responds, “Can we talk about this later?” Maybe he should have waited until they had at least hit the one-year mark before popping the question.

Some men just can’t help but mix their love of sports with their love of romance. In this video, one man arranges his proposal on the stadium JumboTron: “Melissa, will you be my Blueshirt bride? Love, Nick.” His girlfriend can’t take the stress (or public attention) and gets up to leave, giving both announcers a momentary giggle at the jilted boyfriend’s expense.

This blindfolded female contestant wanted only a pair of tickets to a future Wizards basketball game by winning a game of “Hot and Cold”; she didn’t ask to get married, too! But indeed her boyfriend pops out of the “Chevy Chase bank man” costume to propose when she stumbles across him – and she gets so freaked out by his proposal that she runs off.

This video provides one good reason why men should never even think of using a mall food court as the venue of choice to propose to their girlfriends. This kind of poor judgment will only be rewarded accordingly. The man in the following video takes the opportunity of being in a food court with his girlfriend to get down on bended knee, first describing all the little things he loves about her and then asking the big question. She gets serenaded by his rendition of “Sweet Caroline.” The entire food court audience is captivated by this event. Notice how the elderly man in the wheelchair gets turned around to watch the proposal. Notable reactions from witnesses: Camera guy says, “Oh my god, that is brutal.” Female companion adds, “The Cinnabon lady said she’d marry him.”

There is a recurring theme (or two) happening here: (1) the proposals are all (very) public and usually take place in a sports arena, and (2) the girl (or guy) is almost always humiliated in front of a massive audience as seen below. During a baseball game, a man asks his girlfriend for her hand in marriage only to be rejected and slapped in the face. No wonder he then breaks down right in front of the cameras.

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