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5 WTF Vintage Jewelry Pieces You Can’t Forget

Vintage Predator Teeth Pendant

Vintage jewelry is cherished for its connection to a particular era long gone and typically forgotten about. Its link to the past, to an indelible history that has been written and concluded, is the basis of its appeal. The aesthetic and fashion preferences of a bygone generation live on in the jewelry pieces the people of the time favored and inspire new generations to adopt the same tastes. Yet, as awe-inspiring as vintage jewelry can be, it soon becomes apparent that, once in a while, the people of a given era decidedly embraced some downright weird jewelry choices. We’ve rounded up 5 WTF vintage jewelry pieces you can’t forget.


 WTF Vintage Jewelry Pieces You Can’t Forget

1. Vintage Bavarian “Charivari” Deer Teeth Pendant


For the hunters who love to show off the spoils of their painstaking pursuit – or simply any fan of taxidermy – this vintage Bavarian deer teeth pendant is sure to thrill. For regular people, it makes us go, “WTF!” Yes, the deer jaw is just a little too lifelike for us. We prefer a pendant that’s a bit more elegant and sparkly.

Vintage Bavarian "charivari" deer teeth pendant

It doesn’t get any more real than this. This vintage Bavarian “charivari” deer teeth pendant can hug your neck every minute of the day.


2. Vintage Glass Eye Cufflinks and Tie Tack Set


With the homestretch of wedding season underway, you or your significant other can sport this eerie set of 1960s glass eye cufflinks and tie tack on your (or his) suit. Or maybe it’s best left for the Halloween weekend parties you’ll be attending. Either way, it’s a guaranteed conversation starter and you’ll be attracting tons of strange (or admiring) stares all night long. Feel flattered when someone approaches you to ask, “WTF are those eyeballs you’re wearing?”

Vintage 1960s Glass Eye Cufflinks and Tie Tack Set

All eyes are on you! This vintage glass eye cufflinks and tie tack set is either cool or creepy, depending on whom you’re in the company of.


3. Vintage Clown Head Stud Earrings


This pair of stud earrings is not for those who suffer from coulrophobia (the fear of clowns). Clowns are best known for being every (or nearly every) child’s (and even quite a few adults’) worst nightmare come to life. However, if you’re one of the few who not only can withstand the terrifying face and persona, but also actually enjoy and appreciate the value of a good clown, then consider adding this set of vintage clown head stud earrings to your Christmas wish list. Everything about these earrings scream “Beware of clown” right down to their red enamel noses and glittery blue pouffy collars.

Vintage Clown Head Stud Earrings

If you have an irrational fear of clowns, these earrings may not be for you.


4. Vintage Bird Foot Brooch


If you’ve got a weak stomach, the mere sight of this vintage bird (grouse?)  brooch/hatpin may make you hurl. It’s a Scottish kilt pin featuring a real grouse foot. If you insist on your brooches bearing bling, the pin has a purple glass, or stone, jewel set in a metal cap. Not charming enough for you? The foot bears a tiny ring of its own on the middle digit.

Vintage Bird Foot Brooch/Hatpin Taxidermy

This vintage bird foot brooch will please hunters, but probably not passionate bird lovers.


5. Vintage Shrunken Head Necklace


Taking creepy and “WTF” conversation starters to a whole new level, this vintage necklace features a shrunken head as the centerpiece. The head is apparently made of dried animal skin and real hair. We’re not sure where or for what reason the owner of such a necklace would wear this, aside from the confines of one’s house while vacuuming or tidying up the kids’ playroom. We just know it will, without a doubt, elicit a horrified “WTF” response.

Vintage Shrunken Head Animal Skin Necklace

Want to stand out from the crowd? This necklace will help you do that.

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