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5 Things You Probably Already Own That Are Bigger Than Kim’s New Diamond

Yeezus, that’s an impressive diamond!

We are in awe of large celebrity diamonds because they come with massive price tags and blind us with crazy sparkle.  Kim Kardashian’s 15 carat cushion cut engagement ring from Kanye West is no exception.  Approximately 15-17 millimeters across, the stone is quite large compared to the diamonds we may have seen before on our friends and family or in a chain jewelry store.  A flawless white diamond of that size is certainly something to look at but let us provide a little perspective.


Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring


Things You May Own That Are Bigger Than Kim Kardashian’s Diamond Engagement Ring from Kanye West


Don’t make a rapper’s salary? Here’s a list of everyday items that are bigger than Kim’s knockout you may just have lying around:


1.  A quarter (about 24mm)




2.  A starburst (about 19mm)




3.  A bottle cap (about 27.5mm)




4.  A cheez-it (about 20mm)


cheez it



5.  Piece of gum (about 22mm)




Reports are running wild, stating the ring could be worth $3-5 million. If you are feeling slightly jealous of Kim’s huge rock-  just think of how many cheez-its you could eat for that sum!

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