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5 Sweet Valentine’s Day Love Song Serenades

In a continuation of last week’s theme (celebrating Valentine’s Day), this week we explore a truly unique and gifted and/or amusing way in which we can express the depth and breadth of our love to our valentines – and that is with a love song serenade. No matter which song you choose to sing to your special love on Valentine’s Day 2012, it is an absolute certainty that she will love you for it (or for giving it your darndest effort if you happen to be musically challenged!). Whether near or far, in person or via some newfangled form of technology, performing a romantic serenade will earn you her undying love and adoration this coming Valentine’s Day.


Sweet Valentine’s Day Love Song Serenades

We learn that Sean has given his girlfriend Keshia a gift certificate to play miniature golf for Valentine’s Day – and, as a surprise bonus, he serenades her in true goofball fashion to a track playing “You” by Jesse Powell. Ultimately, he proposes to her with an engagement ring, making this particular Valentine’s Day a genuinely sweet one.

Ben and friends serenade each other with a fun and spontaneous group performance of “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain at a house party on Valentine’s Day.

In this loving albeit quirky serenade, we can feel the passion – and pain – that Takashi Yoshida feels from having to be physically separated from his long distance love Ji Hong. Her name is basically all he can say in a personal ode that comes straight from the heart and which keeps her firmly stuck on his mind.

In what appears to be another long distance romance, Ryan performs “Wonderwall” by Oasis for his girlfriend via Skype while his friend accompanies him on guitar. His girlfriend will surely appreciate his public display of passion and devotion with such a heartfelt rendition.

A radio personality serenades his Valentine’s Day date in a radio station with his version of “The Look” by Ryan Tedder (of One Republic fame). As the performer notes, the song is a sappy and cheesy love song but perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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