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5 Surprising Reasons Your Boyfriend Is Acting Strange


Is your boyfriend acting strange after being a steady presence for a long time? As much as it pains you to admit, of recent you noticed he’s pulled away and put a gulf of distance between the two of you. For what reasons? At a loss to rationalize his cold shoulder, you suffer through it silently, not knowing how to approach this new side of him or what to make of it. In fact, you’re so baffled that you don’t even know if you’re to blame. Today we propose 5 surprising reasons your boyfriend is acting strange. By carefully opening a line of communication with him after you’ve had time to process these 5 possibilities, you will have a better chance of getting to the bottom of your boyfriend’s strange behavior.

His distance may be a telltale sign that something's not quite right. It's up to both of you to resolve it once and for all. Photo:

His distance may be a telltale sign that something’s not quite right. It’s up to both of you to resolve it once and for all.


Reasons Your Boyfriend Is Acting Strange


1. The most obvious possibility is that your boyfriend has found someone new but just doesn’t know how to tell you. While it’s not right – and, of course, absolutely unfair – that he went behind your back while you were still very much in a committed and stable relationship, give yourself plenty of time to regain your composure and allow cooler heads to prevail. Only then will it be the right time to talk to him about it, at which point it will become a mutual decision of what the future holds for you, if indeed the relationship can still be salvaged.


2. Your boyfriend is keeping his distance because he’s ready to call it quits. Similar to reason no. 1, in typical guy fashion, he is not prepared to communicate his new stance to you. Many men will let their frustration and annoyance reach a boiling point, which takes time to happen, before they’ll let their partners know where they truly stand as far as the relationship is concerned. Although the end of a serious relationship is something few of us have full control over, you’ll feel more gratified if you make the effort to have meaningful conversations about the status of your relationship along the way. Ignorance isn’t always bliss in the grand scheme, and in this case, it’s better to know than to wonder.


3. He is dealing with undue stress thanks to a project at work that’s being handled on a tight deadline. If this is the case, give your boyfriend adequate space – and time – to meet the pending deadline and he will most likely come around and give you his undivided attention once again before you know it.


4. You’ve said or done something to upset him, but as with reasons no. 1 and 2, he is not particularly adept at expressing his feelings, so he’d rather go the silent treatment route than take you head-on in a heated confrontation. In your most neutral tone, ask him what’s bothering him. You may be surprised to find out that such a simple action is all it takes to get him to open up without feeling cornered.


5. He feels stifled and suffocated by all the attention you’re lavishing on him. If you’re the kind of girlfriend to call him every fifteen minutes or fire off a dozen texts before he’s even had a chance to respond because he’s been stuck in work meetings for the last two hours, then perhaps you shouldn’t be so surprised to learn he’s been feeling as if every breath he takes is a struggle. Yes, you certainly do mean well with all the various attempts and effort you’ve made to remind him that he’s constantly on your mind. But there’s also something to be said for independence and a healthy dose of time spent away, physically and mentally, from one’s partner. Give all that rapid-fire calling and messaging a break and let your absence make his heart grow fonder.

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