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5 Pieces of Jewelry to Take On Your Summer Vacation (and What to Leave Behind)

Besides Dad, grads, and weddings, June happily marks the formal kickoff of summer. Summer for many means relaxing getaways and dream vacations. So what kind of jewelry should you pack for your summer vacation? Because clothes and toiletries are usually the obsessive focus of our packing worries, jewelry for the vacationing woman is usually completely forgotten or pushed to the back burner. Fret no more – the following recommendations will cement your jewelry packing decisions, ensuring you are bringing along exactly the jewelry best suited for your summer trip and leaving behind the pieces that will bog you down. Keeping in mind that travel advisors are constantly reminding us to pack light and be wary of being victimized when visiting a new city or country, do take costume jewelry with you and let your high-value jewels and gems remain nestled in the safety of your jewelry box at home.


Jewelry to Take On Your Summer Vacation

Earrings to Wear Round the Clock

Crochet Pearl Stud Earrings, $25,

Pearl studs are a classic in every woman’s jewelry stash. They are the jewelry equivalent of the Little Black Dress and can be used for myriad occasions. They add instant understated class to every outfit and can even be worn with shorts and a tank top. These handcrafted crocheted cultured pearl studs put a unique twist on the ever reliable white pearls.


Earrings to Wear During a Night Out On the Town 

Sun Glitter Earrings, $220,
Photo: Sundance

For a dash of glimmer, these 14K gold earrings feature a feminine cascade of semi-precious gems: sunstone, tourmaline, rose quartz and the alluring labradorite form a classy torrent of subtle color. Wear these earrings with your strappy summer dress as you prepare to dine out at the upscale restaurant on your personal itinerary.


The Excursion Ring

White Light Rings S / 3, $89.99,
Photo: Sundance

Show off your modern style and timeless grace with this set of three stackable handcrafted moonstone rings. The reflective sheen of this pretty white moonstone will be breathtaking against the backdrop of golden skin. Wear one, two, or all three for a unique feminine look.


The Vacation Bracelet

Elephant Safari, $69,
Photo: SilverTwist Design

This irresistible elephant bracelet features sterling silver elephant charms linked in a delightful circle. It’s especially perfect if you’re going on an African safari this summer but even if you’re not, you can keep the experience of partaking in one close to your heart, or wrist.


Necklace for Jet-Setting


Golden Willow Print Necklace, $95,
Photo: Peggy Li

The stunning willow leaf print on this sterling silver and 24K gold plated pendant is a superb necklace for a summer getaway. Its simplicity will surely prove versatile as this pendant and chain can be paired with casual or formal wear.

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