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5 Marriage Proposals To Die For

In an about-face from the previous topic of “Marriage proposal fails,” we are absolutely delighted to present you with the following marriage proposal gems. All of the videos below are marriage proposals done completely right! In their own special and unique ways, each proposal you will see involves a degree of creativity, imagination, forethought and superior execution. They make not only the intended bride herself feel like a million bucks, but everyone (and we hope this includes you) around her feels the same way, too.


Marriage Proposals To Die For

The following proposal is one for the ages. Showmanship and spectacle are nailed down perfectly in the premiere episode of the FOX reality series “Mobbed.” Nikki, the soon-to-be fiancée (and instantly turned newlywed!), has no idea what’s going on when a strange woman she’s never seen before walks up to the table where she and her boyfriend Justin are sitting at and promptly throws a glass of water in her boyfriend’s face. Shortly thereafter, the bystanders around her break out in flawlessly choreographed song and dance, much to her complete joy and surprise. Her boyfriend soon reappears to propose and then suggests they get married on the spot amidst the presence of their friends and family, along with the several hundred strong still serenading and dancing around her. This proposal feels like a New Year’s Eve party and the most fun family reunion you’ve ever experienced rolled into one.

This is probably our favorite proposal. In this one, Matt asks his girlfriend Ginny to marry him but does it in a very creative and unconventional way: she is taken to the movies by her brother and after a preview for The Hangover 2, a “trailer” featuring her boyfriend Matt and her father plays out in which Matt asks permission to marry Ginny. Once granted approval by her father, Matt races all the way to the theater and formally proposes to Ginny in front of family and friends (and strangers). Indeed they are “Making the Movies Jealous”!

The following is another proposal done right (and again very creatively). Brandon, who works for a Utah-based internet bridal company, proposes to his girlfriend Stacey via the company billboard on the highway. He and his coworkers have gathered for what Stacey believes is a company party only to find out the billboard they are unveiling is meant for her.

This is a time lapse video of a beautiful graffiti mural marriage proposal commissioned by Jeff for his girlfriend Caitlin in New York City this past spring. The mural’s location is the corner of Avenue A and Second Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Here we have a very creative and endearing video shot on the prospective groom’s mobile phone above a rooftop for his beloved Sarah. Notable appearances are made by the “sun,” the “moon” and various woodland creatures.

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