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5 Jewelry Pieces You Need This Summer

With summer’s official arrival a mere handful of weeks away, we look ahead to the fashion trends that inevitably accompany perhaps the most eagerly anticipated season of all. While we graciously leave it up to other blogs to dispense the summer clothing advice, when it comes to must-haves for summer jewelry, we’ve happily got this one covered. Whether you’re on the hunt for a ring that’s on trend all year round or you want a necklace that can stand the test of summer, our recommendations will help guide you in the right direction.


The perfect accessory to top off a breezy sundress, the sautoir is an excessively long necklace or chain worn like a scarf down the back or over the shoulder. It can also be wrapped around the neck. This necklace style was born in the early 1800s and enjoyed a renaissance a hundred years later that lasted well into the 1920s, marking the rise of the flapper era.

This Chopard sautoir shown on Jennifer Lawrence was worn at this year’s Oscars and brought back into vogue a trend created long ago. Photo:

Jennifer Lawrence wore a 74-carat diamond Chopard sautoir very well at   this   year’s Oscars. Her bare back provided a stunning backdrop to a truly unique statement necklace.

Because a Chopard sautoir may not be as easily accessible to us as it is to Jennifer, we look elsewhere for ours. Tiffany has an equally classy rendition, the Elsa Peretti Color by the Yard sprinkle necklace.

Elsa Peretti Color by the Yard sprinkle necklace, $1,695, Photo:

This 36″ long necklace from Elsa Peretti is studded with a dozen tanzanites totaling 0.84 carats and formed from sterling silver. Dangle it down your back while sashaying down a sandy beach for a contempo look that no one will be able to resist tearing her or his eyes away from.

Emerald Jewelry

Emerald is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013 and is described by the respected color authority as “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” To honor the Color of the Year, we suggest these emerald earrings from Blue Nile.

Emerald and Diamond Double Halo Drop Earrings in 18K White Gold, $5,000, Photo:

These 18K white gold drop earrings are plainly elegant and give off a royal air. They feature 1.31 carats of round emeralds surrounded by a double halo of round diamonds. They would complete the formal look you have in mind for all those summer weddings you’ve lined up.

Druzy Jewelry

Fashionable and captivating, druzy jewelry has been a fixture on the trendy jewelry scene for some time. Its unconventional look as a stone nestled in a traditional ring or pendant mounting only adds to its appeal. Druzy refers to the small quartz crystals formed on or inside a mineral or stone. They’re known for a mesmerizing ability to capture and reflect light and can be found in various colors to suit multiple preferences.

Halle Berry wore druzy black onyx earrings by Adeler Jewelers at this year’s Oscars. The top, non-dangling portions of her earrings are druzy.

Halle Berry’s druzy black onyx earrings by Adeler Jewelers Photo:

This handcrafted druzy ring from Etsy caught our eyes.

White Druzy Ring in 14K Recycled Yellow Gold, $270, Photo: PointNoPointStudio

Organic and bohemian, this 14K recycled yellow gold ring features white druzy quartz  that will set you apart from the rest of the summer jewelry-wearing crowd. The crystals reflect multicolored light and provide a beautiful contrast to the soft handmade yellow gold.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a pale pink color of gold and has been a more recent trend compared to the time-tested mainstay of yellow and white gold. It can easily mix and match with yellow and white gold and is a no-brainer choice of metal because it complements every skin tone with its subtle pastel color. The pinkness of rose gold paired with an enviable golden tan will make a terrific contrast in color for any hot weather fanatic this summer.

Rose Gold Open Heart Single Pendant Necklace, $800, Photo:

Simple yet eye-catching, this 14K rose gold necklace from Alexa Leigh features a feminine rose gold open heart pendant that is sure to draw many admiring eyes when you make it your summer jewelry wardrobe staple. It will prove to be a versatile addition to your jewelry cache as it can be dressed up or down.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have always been in vogue no matter the year or season. This summer will be no different. Hoops can instantly transform the way your face is perceived, possibly slimming or even taking years off a face. Whether large or small-medium, bejeweled or plain, round or oval, hoop earrings are a must for every stylish woman’s jewelry wardrobe. This style of earrings conveys youth and vitality and freshens up a face that has survived yet another round of cold weather blues.


Spinel wire-wrapped hoop earrings, $75,             Photo: WillOaksStudio

These wire-wrapped medium sterling silver hoops from Etsy feature faceted spinel rondelles in shades of rose and lavender with two millimeter gold-filled beads tucked between the multicolored stones. They are a beautiful update on the classic style of hoop earrings.

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