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5 Foolproof Tips for Dropping Hints About Your Christmas Gift

Christmas gift

It’s that magical time of the year again.  It’s the holiday season! Hopefully, these coming months bring you lots of love, joy and perfect moments.  But as much as we treasure spending quality time with our friends and family, we can also be met with disappointment in the form of Christmas gifts. Okay! Okay. Before you start hate commenting, I totally get that it should never be about material things, but if humans insist on exchanging presents, is it too much to ask that it be something we like?  This year, we recommend you use technology to your advantage so you get the Christmas gift you really want.


 The 5 Best Tips for Dropping Hints About Your Christmas Gift


1.  Tag it on Instagram

When you’re scrolling through your feed during a boring team meeting and see something you want, tag your SO in the comments. You don’t even need a message, just his handle will do. Why? Because why else would you tag him in a photo of a designer hand bag?


2.  Leave Pinterest open on your computer

While you’re spending some time on the couch together, open your laptop and start checking emails, searching Yelp! For the next dinner date location, and play on Pinterest.  Leave your “Wish List” board open and place the laptop down where he can see it.  Claim you need to use the bathroom and walk away.  He will probably be too curious to help himself.


3.  Rip a picture from a magazine and put it on the fridge

This is the age old trick with less subtlety and more POW! “in your face” muscle.  Women have been doing this for years, and guess what? It. Works.  My very own mother put a diamond necklace ad on the fridge before Christmas and guess who didn’t get a vacuum cleaner that year?


4.  Make it the background on your phone

Save a picture of the item from the internet to your photos.  Assign it as your background a month or so before Christmas (because let’s face it, most people shop last minute.)  Make sure you share a bunch of funny videos and Facebook posts with your honey so he is sure to see your Christmas gift idea.  Hopefully the subliminal message will work when he goes shopping later.


5.  Mention it in conversation

This can be a tricky one.  Make sure you are delicate enough that you don’t offend him but assertive enough that he picks up the hint.  Instead of saying things like, “You’re such a bad gift giver, I’ll help you shop for your parents…and me…this year,” try saying something like, “Becky and Steve just celebrated their anniversary and he got her the most beautiful emerald earrings.”  If he’s listening, hopefully he will ask for a little bit more detail.  Then, mention what you like about them so he has some guidelines to use when he goes shopping for your Christmas gift.



Just don’t be mad if he doesn’t pick up on it.  Men are typically very black and white.  Think about it – They don’t hesitate to tell us what they want in bed… So if he wants a motorcycle for Christmas, he’s either going to A) flat out ask you or B) go buy it himself (because they usually dislike waiting too.)


To drop a hint about a piece of jewelry from Diamond Envy, create a wish list and share it via email!

Happy Holidays to all!!


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