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5 Affordable Engagement Rings For The Kim K In All Of Us

kim k engagement rings


If you have a taste for big jewelry and diamonds, but a limited wallet, ring shopping can be difficult.  We’ve helped you out a bit by finding some stunning bling on a budget.  Browse the affordable engagement rings below and find your bold look that won’t break the bank.





5 Affordable Engagement Ring Styles


1.  Plenty of Pave

Although this ring has a smaller center stone, the diamond accents on the wide band and double halo add tons of sparkle for a an larger overall look.

affordable engagement ring

Originally $1,869.00

Now $1,399.99


2.  The Diamond Alternative

If you want a big ring, alternative gems, like morganite, can give you more bang for your buck.  This particular style features pink diamond accents so there is still plenty of sparkle.

affordable engagement ring



3.  The Diamond Halo

If you want the look of a large center stone but can’t splurge on one, opt for a diamond halo.  Surround the center diamond with smaller ones for the appearance of a big rock.  Smaller diamonds that add up to a carat are less expensive than a single one carat stone, so you’ll save some serious dough.

diamond ring



4.  Colored Diamonds

While most natural color diamonds are very rare and therefore pricey, yellow can be a gorgeous option for an affordable engagement ring.  Plus, they are popular among major celebrities, so you can get that rich, Hollywood look without overspending.

affordable diamond ring




5.  The Three Stone

Again, if you want your ring to have a bold appearance, but a big center stone is just not an option, look for a three stone style.  It gives you all the bling of a big diamond in smaller stones that won’t eat up all your budget.


cheap diamond ring



Which option is your favorite?  Share in the comments below!  Plus, for more advice on finding an affordable engagement ring, contact us and our jewelry experts will send a prompt reply.


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  1. Liz says:

    Morganite is so pretty and I think is actually nice for an engagement ring.