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4 Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Relationship Right Now


Cultivating a healthy relationship takes time and effort from both parties.  Make sure you are on the right track and being the best partner you can be.  You are in control of you, so take a step back and evaluate your contributions to the relationship.  If you can be honest with yourself, you can enhance your happiness.







Things You Could Be Doing Wrong In Your Relationship:


Hiding Your Authentic Self

Trying new things to compromise with your partner is one thing….pretending to be someone you are not is another animal.  Adapting your preferences to get someone to like you will only lead to struggles in the future.  Think about it.  You tell your date that you too enjoy the outdoors and adventure sports (but really hiking, camping, and the wilderness terrifies you.)  Your date now thinks that your shared love is a good sign of compatibility and things get serious down the line.  Your new partner wants to take a trip with you. Don’t you think this will cause more harm than good? Be true to who you really are and the right person will fall for the authentic you.  Pretending to be who you think they will love is only asking for trouble in the future.

Expecting Mountains to Move

We all have a love language.  Find out what yours is so you can have a mature conversation about your romantic expectations. Just remember that this isn’t a movie, this is real life.  You need to be comfortable enough with yourself and your love life to realize that a healthy relationship is one that makes you BOTH happy.  Supposing that your significant other will give up their wants and needs for yours is a recipe for disaster. Remember to compromise.


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Anticipating the Worst

Doubt is a romance killer.  If you keep thinking that it won’t work out, you will most certainly sabotage the relationship.  This is because your negativity will seep into your words and actions, feeding insecurity to your partner.   Doubt often comes from irrational feelings of not being good enough, which brings us to our last note…


Feeling Like You Don’t Deserve It

You’ve heard this before: You can’t love someone else until you love yourself- and it is true.  You have to feel confident and worthy of love before someone will enjoy showing you too.  If you feel like you don’t deserve the person you are with, nothing they do will be enough and that is just not fair.  You need to be able to show appreciation for the love they show you or else they will feel like the relationship is mostly one sided, and we all know where that ends.


If you are guilty of one or more of these relationship no-nos, you aren’t alone.  We’ve all done some things we aren’t proud of, but it is the lessons that we learn that are important.  Focus on being authentic, realistic, confident and worthy.  If you can be positive, you can enjoy the love that is around you.

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