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4 Things We Love About Left Hands

President Barack Obama, Former President Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, Robert DeNiro, Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick, Paul McCartney, and Paul Simon—today is for you.  It’s International Left Handers Day!  To celebrate this exciting day for the left handed minority, we compiled a list of everything we love about left hands.


International Left Handers Day – Things We Love About Left Hands


4. It’s The Hand Favored by Presidents

While only 10% of the population favor their left hands, approximately 18% of all United States Presidents do.  As a matter of fact, if you wanted to run for presidency in 1992 you had better been a lefty—Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ross Perot formed an all left-handers ballot!  Perhaps you’re thinking, “18% isn’t that great a percentage” but among the last seven presidents, three of them were left-handed.  We’re looking at you, Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush!


3. It Has Its Own Town

Meet Left Hand, West Virginia—this unincorporated community has an elementary school, post office, library, and amazing name.

2. It’s What We Use to Hold Our Children

When was the last time you held a baby?  Do you remember which arm you used to cradle the child?  Scientists say that most mothers cradle their babies in their left arms and that mothers who hold their babies with their right arms are more likely to be suffering from post-partum depression or stress.  We understand the world using our five senses, but for a newborn child there is only one familiar sensation—the sound of their mother’s voice.  Humans tend to favor their right ears for listening, since the left hemisphere of our brain translates and analyzes the noises we hear.  By holding babies in our left arm we are giving them the most comfort they can get.  The sound of a heartbeat and a soothing voice singing a lullaby are how we show babies our love and welcome them to the world.


1. It’s Where We Wear Our Wedding Rings

Ever wonder why we wear our wedding bands on the left hand?  Well before we knew how the circulatory system worked, it was thought that the vein in the third finger of the left hand led straight to the heart.  The Romans called it “vena amoris” or “the vein of love.”  In keeping with this idea, a custom was established to wear a wedding band on the third finger of the left hand.  Whether this is correct or not (this doctor’s wife says it’s not), it’s still a lovely tradition.


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