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4 Funny Diamond Commercials

Nothing elicits a universal reaction of appreciation quite like a funny, smartly orchestrated and well-timed commercial. That’s no less true when it comes to selling diamonds and jewelry. Below are some of our favorites from the “funny” category. Enjoy!


Funny Diamond Commercials


1. In this laugh-out-loud ad, a young man commits one serial mistake after another – enough to warrant the couple splitting up for good or at least landing him in the doghouse for a long while. But all he has to do is present his girlfriend with an “Oops” jewelry box every time he messes up and everything is A-OK again.

2. The company’s sales person presents two rings from which to choose and he warns to choose carefully as making the wrong selection could result in disaster…

3. The future groom’s dog takes the ring hostage…

4. An engagement dinner goes embarrassingly wrong until the moment the ring is presented and a miraculous transformation happens.

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