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4 Creative Ways To Give A Gift This Christmas

Gift giving is fun for couples…as long as the gift is good!  We have already given you some insight for picking great jewelry and we’re sure you’ve read a thousand lists of perfect gifts (say that 10 times fast!) from across the web.  So let’s get inspired for the actual act of giving!  If you have the ideal gift, it’s even more fun to present it in an unconventional way –adding to the magic of the holiday.





Christmas Gift Presentation Ideas


1.  Hide it!

Example: Save one important gift and think of a unique place to hide it. Once you have opened all the gifts that are under the tree, let the giftee think that the fun is over.  But maybe she will take the dog for a walk and when she stuffs her hands in the pockets to stay warm she pulls out tickets to see her favorite singer.  Wouldn’t that make an exciting gift even better?

2.  Give the gift inside another gift

Example: The more gifts, the merrier! If you buy him a gift card to a sports shop because looking at putters has you stumped, why not put it inside a beautiful leather wallet or money clip? Certainly makes it more fun.

3.  Santa’s Helpers

Example: place a gift on the doorstep while the recipient is distracted and slyly knock on the door.  When someone asks, “Who is at the door?” simply reply that you do not know.  Hopefully their curiosity is peaked and they will accompany you to the door where you can smile and say that it must be a Christmas miracle.

Not into cheesy? No problem.

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4.  Wrap the gift in a different package

Example: Wrap a small jewelry box inside a larger box so the recipient isn’t expecting the little sparkler.  Keeps things interesting.

We wish you a happy holiday season and the best of luck with your gifting. Now go and spread some cheer!


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