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3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (and 1 How-To Video)

With the holiday season now in full bloom, that can mean only one thing: a new year is right around the corner and Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. Whether you already know what you’ll be getting your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day 2012 or are banging your head against the wall for good gift ideas, the following videos might get those Valentine’s Day juices flowing early. Chocolate lovers, jewelry aficionados and flower enthusiasts will all rejoice with Valentine’s Day gifts like these.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


This Valentine’s Day, buy your special valentine a rose that will never die! Gold dipped roses, which are made of 24K gold, are available from You can choose from 7 different colors. The rose is 12 inches long and the stem is solid gold. No watering is needed for these beauties, which means your significant other can cherish your thoughtful gift for life.

If your girlfriend or wife has chocolate on the brain but doesn’t want to risk the calorie intake, then the following gift may be right up her alley. This is a delectable smoky topaz framed by 65 white diamonds and 51 chocolate diamonds. The pendant is a surefire attention getter and will satisfy both the hunger for jewelry and chocolate on Valentine’s Day!

If your lovely lady insists on having chocolate and a diamond ring for Valentine’s Day, then you may want to consider buying her a gift of the following sort: a custom-made chocolate heart with a diamond ring tucked inside that will make her heart melt instantly. But you will probably want to clue her in to the hidden surprise before she bites into the chocolate and the ring becomes a choking hazard.

In this informative segment, Fred Cuellar, “The Diamond Guy,” gives some sound advice for unacquainted diamond jewelry shoppers. The new “dirty” word in the diamond industry, he notes, is the word “certified.” Cuellar says that consumers make the assumption that if a diamond comes with a certificate, it is automatically backed by a guarantee, but he demurs, pointing out that only fully bonded diamonds are truly guaranteed. This means they have lifetime breakage and lifetime buyback guarantees, which will come in handy down the road if the customer needs to sell back the diamond. Another wise tip he shares is buying the much cheaper but nonetheless aesthetically pleasing alternative, namely the semi-precious stone, when the real thing is out of the question: for example, opting for a red tourmaline instead of a pricey ruby or a citrine in lieu of the canary diamond.

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