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3 Reasons Diamond Collectors Are More Satisfied Than You

diamond collection

Collectors of all kinds are passionate, driven and focused because growing a collection takes time, patience and money.  The rarity, location and value all vary based on the collectible good.  When it comes to collecting diamonds though, it is hardly considered work.  The thrill is in the hunt, and then in showing it off!  They may cost a little more than beanie babies (that are now sitting in your attic), and it may take years to locate the right ones, but diamonds are much more fun than coins, stamps and vintage soda bottles.


Who Diamond Collectors Are


Diamond collectors typically fall into one of two categories: “lover of ALL things bling” or “alternative investor” – and occasionally they are a mix of both.  They help each other select stones, determine value, rate vendors, discuss terminology and share photos.


But why are they so thrilled with their collections? Here’s three awesome reasons:


  • Diamonds Last Forever – They can be admired for generations and passed down.  Wouldn’t you prefer to be the amazing relative who leaves valuable gems and jewelry rather than the crazy person who hoarded a bunch of sugar packets? (Yes, it’s a thing…there’s even a club.)


diamond collector forum

A serious collector of fancy colored diamonds shares his thoughts in a forum.



  • Diamonds Can Be Worn Everyday – While some collectors choose diamonds strictly as a financial asset, many share their gorgeous bling with the world by wearing their favorite pieces for all to see.  Yes, other collections may be valuable, but you can’t wear a painting to a dinner party.


diamond jewelry collection

Diamonds stacked on diamond stacked on diamonds!



  • Collectors Can Get Creative – Turning a collection (or part) into a custom designed piece of jewelry is an extremely rewarding experience.  A serious diamond collector may search high and low for the ideal stone to complete a look and they won’t settle for second best.  Owning something that is a one-of-a-kind is thrilling, owning a one-of-a-kind diamond ring/necklace/etc is BEYOND words.


loose diamond collection

A collector waiting for the perfect match to finish this three-stone diamond ring design.



Considering starting your own collection? Thinking about designing a custom piece of jewelry? Check out our Design Your Own Jewelry Program and let our experts help you!




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