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3 Of The Best Jewelry Blogs You Should Be Reading

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If you’re reading this, you’re already reading one of the most exciting yet educational jewelry blogs on the web! We share our knowledge of diamonds and jewels, relationships and style with an easy and sometimes silly spin. You can learn, laugh and fall in love (perhaps not with a person, but a ring or necklace!) just by checking our blog. It is a place to ask questions and get quick responses from real experts who have worked in the industry for years, so congratulations – you can mark one awesome blog off your reading checklist.  But if you are like us, and totally addicted to all things sparkly, stop by some of these other jewelry blogs and indulge in a little extra sparkle!


Best Jewelry Blogs

Gem Gossip



Danielle is a Graduate Gemologist with an undying love for antique rings.  She shares her shopping adventures and personal collection with readers and even features submissions from others in her “Show Me Your Rings” section.  Danielle interviews designers and reviews shops from all over the country (and now the globe!)  Gem Gossip is perfect for anyone who has a passion for jewels with a little history.






The woman behind this jewelry blog will make you literally “LOL” – Barbara is snarky and writes with plenty of fun humor to keep things interesting.  Adornmentality provides a look behind the scenes of the industry and although it is great for a few chuckles when you need a mid-day pick-me-up, her view of current events is smart. So dig in!



Diamonds in the Library



Becky is a books and bling enthusiast.  Her background is in literature, so you can bet this blog is well written.  But something about the sparkle of jewelry fascinates her, so she combined her two great loves into one awesome site.  Diamonds in the Library covers it all from engagement rings to Art Deco designs to high-end designer baubles to jewelry under $90.  There’s something for everyone.


There you have it. Three fabulous jewelry blogs, as told by a jewelry blogger. Enjoy!




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  1. Aracelis says:

    WOW just what I was looking for.

  2. Jewellery blogs are a great source of information on the latest jewellery fashion and creative ideas. Thanks for listing the best jewellery blogs. Some blogs have stories behind the creation of a jewellery piece. These make an interesting read.

  3. Diamond Jewellery on EMI says:

    Great Post!! Thank you for sharing such an informative jewellery blog. By reading it i got the knowledge of jeweleries about which i was completely unaware. Good job!!

  4. Naseem says:

    The blogs mentioned by you are from the best jewelry blogs as well as from my favorite.