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11 Chic Nail Art Designs To Show Off Your Engagement Ring

manicure ideas for engagement ring selfies

Congratulations! You just got engaged, or you’re about to, and you want to show off your new bling –right? We’ve got you covered with these awesome manicures to get you prepped for all those admiring stares and photo ops. Whether you like the clean and easy look or prefer an eye-catching design, one of these 11 nail art designs should do the trick. Plus, these are great options for your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and even your wedding day!



Engagement Ring Nails for the Perfect Ring Selfie



glitter manicure to show off engagement ring

Ring Finger Glitter


Accent your ring finger with some glitter to draw attention to your new sparkler!


glitter french manicure

Two-Toned Sparkle


Go for a sparkly two-tone look with your favorite color and faded white tips. Then add a glitter top coat.


glitter french tip nail art design

Glitter Tips


Keep it simple and opt for a nude base with a glitter french tip that fades to the base. So chic!


pink and gold glitter nail art



Switch it up! Get your favorite color as a base coat and add a glitter half-moon at the bottom for a trendy but classy nail art design.


Rhinestones and Studs


french manicure with rhinestones



Add a few rhinestones to your ring finger to draw attention to your shiny new engagement ring!


multicolor manicure with rhinestones and studs



Step it up a notch with an accent on every nail and various complementary polishes.


Classic with a Twist


blue french tip manicure

Colorful French


Add some fun to your french manicure with colorful tip!


blue ombre manicure



It’s nice to get a colorful manicure. It’s even better to get a two-toned ombre manicure!


black nails with gold stripes



Get a classic manicure and jazz up your ring finger with some metallic stripes so everyone is sure to notice your awesome engagement ring.




Put it in Words

Put it in Words


Pump up your classic mani with a little wordy nail art. We like the idea of some script saying “taken” or “forever” to add extra romance to your nails.


Put a Ring on It

Put a Ring on It


Why not just be completely straightforward and put a “ring” on your finger(nail) – A swipe of a golden sharpie and the delicate placement of a rhinestone makes your nail art scream “I’M ENGAGED!” and it’s just too cute!


Now go to the nail salon or DIY and Instagram your heart out!


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